Individual & Couples Counseling


When working with individuals my goal is to meet my clients where they are.  I utilize a combination of cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and Gestalt therapies to formulate a working concept of my client.  Psychodynamic involves looking at the relationships of your past to understand why the current cognitive-behavioral patterns have developed and how best to shift those patterns to create your best whole self (Gestalt).  I incorporate the use of skills and techniques from all different theories to achieve your goals.  I do this because there will never be one skill that works for everyone.  I am committed to trying skills until we find what works for you.


In working with couples I defer to the Gottmans.  The Gottmans are a husband & wife team who have traveled the world studying couples for decades.  What I love about their approach is that they observed

what healthy couples did and built their theory around behaviors people naturally engaged in.  Genius!  As a level 2 trained therapist in the Gottman Method I utilize as many of their interventions as possible with just a little of my own flare. 

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